The Iconic Babycham Chinese Water Deer Bambi Icon

How a Chinese Water Deer Became the Iconic Babycham Mascot

How a Chinese Water Deer Became the Iconic Babycham Mascot

In the world of branding, certain symbols become inseparable from the products they represent. Babycham, is no exception. But what made it stand out was the graceful and endearing presence of a deer - a symbol that has become synonymous with celebration and sophistication.

From Forests to Bottles

The story of Babycham’s iconic mascot begins with a simple yet powerful idea, the image of Chinese Water Deer wandering through serene forests. The Showerings family purchased 3 of these deer from the Duke of Bedford and they roamed their grounds and over time, 3 turned to roughly 24! This image, capturing the essence of nature’s beauty, would soon become the visual emblem of a sparkling revolution.

A Chinese Water Deer in the Showerings Grounds

The Impact on Pop Culture

The deer that graced Babycham's bottles and advertising didn't stay confined to their labels. Bambi quickly found its way into hearts and homes, becoming a cultural phenomenon. Advertisements featuring the beloved deer became as memorable as the drink itself, leaving an indelible mark on the collective memory of those who experienced its heyday.

Fun Fact – Did you know that Babycham became the first EVER alcohol advert on television?

Babycham TV advertisingRetro and Nostalgia Appeal

In today's fast-paced world, nostalgia often acts as an anchor to simpler times. The Bambi mascot acts as a time machine, whisking us back to moments of celebration and joy. Its retro appeal holds a special place for those who remember Babycham's earlier days, serving as a reminder of both the drink's enduring charm and the cultural fabric it weaved.

Current Day

The iconic statue, for those who know, is now BACK and can be found within the grounds of Kilver Court & Gardens, Shepton Mallet for all to see. The spirit of the deer, who is also referred to as ‘Bambi’ will forever capture the essence of both joy and sophistication.

Babycham Bambi Water Deer Icon at Kilver Court & Gardens Somerset

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